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God Squad Universal is a Kingdom Lifestyle brand devoted to Changing the Culture through apparel, music, and ministry. 

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Wandering eyes a challenge? This is for you! Come read my experience and feel free to comment/share yours too. Iron sharpens iron!
Dealing With Lust Or Other Bondage's ?

Dealing With Lust Or Other Bondage's ?

Wisdom is the principal thing...The key to winning many of our battles is knowing the enemy and his tactics. In this blog we have done just that. Exposed the tactics of the devil and as a bonus provided scriptural references to as an offensive sword to fight. Enjoy and Win!
Emancipate Yourself

Emancipate Yourself

“Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery;” – Bob Marley I was scrolling through my Whatsapp statuses the other day and saw my cousin had up an i...

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