Christmas is DEAD!

Is it just me or is Christmas becoming less and less meaningful. Does this feeling happen to everyone? Or is it because I'm at this place in my life where my focus is distorted? Am I distracted by the commitments I have? Wife? School? Work? Church? Etc. Or is it because I don't have any small children to fuss about during this time? Something must be the reason. I'm sure I can't be the only one experiencing this.


I remember when I was young and up to a few years back, Christmas was the most anticipated time of the year for all (well the majority). A sudden rush of joy would overtake me sometime in November and all I could think of is the joys Christmas would bring. I was always aware of the true reason for the season and that made it even more special to me. Ahhh wait one minute!! I just got an epiphany! Could it be that because the emphasis of Christmas has been so shifted over the years subconsciously the true meaning behind it has faded? That resonates in my spirit so strongly.

As time elapses everything about the season when we celebrate the birth of our Lord and saviour has changed. The media has become politically correct so as not not offend anyone saying "happy holidays" instead of Merry Christmas; marketing ploys have skyrocketed to capitalize on sales of toys and gadgets, people are out shopping for christmas trees, special decorations and lights, and I'm sure tithes and offerings are at its lowest in the churches and it's a struggle to make it to the end of January. What bothers me the most is that even us, Christians, are at arms with each other about the true date when Jesus was born. I hear things like: no one really knows the exact date! Jesus never celebrated birthdays! We should not share gifts with each other! We should feed the poor, the widow and homeless! Christmas is a pagan holliday! And the list goes on and on. I mean is that What's most important? Are they so much bigger than the fact that we serve a risen King, who was born (in a manger or not) who died for our sins (on a cross or not, on Good Friday or not)  and is now seated at the right hand of God making intercessions for us all? Romans 8:34. I highly doubt it. There is absolutely no comparison!

So this year i'm going to block out all the distractions; which I honestly believe is a scheme from the devil. I will focus on the true and living reason for the season; God's Gift to the world: Jesus! He is worthy of celebrating during Christmas and forever more!

Christmas is ALIVE!


Here is a song my brother Young Rev did a few years ago about Christ being enough for Christmas. Plug it up and let it sink in. 



Tristan Gaime 
"Trist" is a new blogger, who enjoys studying the word and coming up with dope designs in his free time.  


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