Start Your Year With Prayer

The beginning of a new year will always bring new resolutions, goals, energy and determination. This is anticipated as it is a new season and brings fresh opportunities to those seeking change. As a believer, prior to receiving the revelation of what I’m about to share with you; my new year's resolution was always hyper-inflated with the most impossible goals. Lol, one year I set out to make $100,000 but I hardly had a stable job or a vision and I was fresh out of school. You could have not tell me it was not faith. Along with being super rich other goals always will include getting in the best shape of my life (looking like Superman), reading two books a month, having the best ever relationship with God until I’m floating and writing my books etc. The list goes on. I’m sure I am not the only one who made the most impossible goals at the beginning of the year and by the middle of the year I was completely deflated on how I made no progress. Since then I promise you I have gotten a bit more wise. 
However, I do understand that some people are still setting mission impossible goals and fall prey to this disappointment everytime. I want to walk you through the importance as starting your year with prayer and give you a practical way to get off to a strong start. 
When I meditated on what to write in this blog post and share in our Bible Study, starting your year with prayer was the only thing I keep getting. There are tons of productivity and wisdom principles in the Bible that is sure to get the job done but, nothing speaks to charting a new season like prayer. I feel the reason why many do not channel so much energy into prayer because they don’t not feel it is productive. Stick a pin right there!
  1. Prayer is productive! - If there is anyone we can learn this from it’s Jesus. If there was anyone who had a lot of stuff to do in a small amount of time it was Jesus. He had people to heal, places to go, disciples to train and a world to save. Yet, He found time daily to devote to prayer. This was the true source of His strength. Jesus knew that none of His great works happened if not through prayer. I believe that’s one of our biggest problems as believers. We know we should pray but do not see it as productive. Think about this, not praying is like not charging your phone. No matter how many important calls you have to make, your phone won’t last without a charge. References: Luke 6:12 & Luke 5:15-16
  2. Prayer clarifies the path  - I know the feeling of starting a new season with no clear directives. It’s an uneasy feeling. Confusion causes you to second guess everything. Proverbs 3:6 - In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy path. If you are doubting or unsure about career, relationship, financial, ministry, or organizational decisions this year maybe you should give it some more prayer time. I know, the year is started and January through December seems like one big race that needs to be completed and you feel like you are already behind. Just to remind you Phil 4:6 tells us “do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.” The goal is not to just achieve goals but to press towards the mark of the higher calling. Accomplishments alone this year will not bring fulfillment but rather acting blazing a trail that heaven can smile at. So this year before you make any life altering decisions, soak it in prayer first.
  3. Prayer Gives Us Courage -  Contrary to my last point, sometimes God calls on us in certain situations to just walk by faith without the desired clarity. He will give us the path but not all the details. Like Abraham, there are times He calls us into an unknown land. Maybe that’s a new job, business, furthering education without resources, leading something we never did before, getting married, having kids or anything else we can think of. Prayer builds the necessary courage to go through the hardest and most challenging times in our life. I think back to Jesus before He was crucified. He was clear on what needed to be done but His soul was troubled and through prayer He built the courage to utter the most famous “not my will but your will be done.” I also would like to add to this point that we can not pray around our last directive. Sometimes God gives us an instruction to carry out and we do not carry it through or ignore Him. Needless to say just like your earthly parents. You are not going anywhere until you wash the dishes. Reference: Jonah. The key to unlocking new levels in the spirit is obedience. The key to having the strength to obey is simply, having the determination to pray. 
Question to you is this; what would your year look like if you were to praying unrelentingly? Can you imagine a year more productive, with clear objectives and the the courage to accomplish the greatest feats? Listen earlier I talk about my crazy new year’s resolutions of the past some of which was noble, with this formula I am sure all that God has for me and you this year can be accomplished! God will never call us to do anything that is not worth while but we do not find significance in our calling until we find significance in our prayer life. Your job may seem small and it’s only because you do not know your assignment! Your relationships may seem in turmoil because you have tried everything but prayer. Your money may still be funny because you have not gavelnized enough courage to pursue your passion. Your 2017 may have been dim only because of a dim prayer life. I challenge you this year to start, continue and end your year with prayer. 
Just want to drop some more encouragement for you from my brother. 

Shaquille " Young Rev" Hanna

An entrepreneur, youth leader, speaker, blogger, and music artist. Young Rev is a media enthusiast resourcing every medium to Change the Culture for the kingdom. Check out his Soundcloud, Instagram, and Facebook page to stay in touch.  

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