At the rising of the sun around 6:45 am, I heard a sudden commotion in my yard. As I tried to come to full consciousness I thought to myself, who could this be speaking so loudly, so early? I sneakily peered through the opaque plastic curtains of my front room and saw the culprit. It was my neighbor from two houses down. Let’s call her neighbor 1. Her car was parked in the driveway of my next door neighbor with its back slightly protruding onto the main road. She seemed to be trying to get my immediate neighbor’s attention. Let’s call her neighbor 2. What was even more perplexing was that she was hunched over speaking in “puppy” language. I then noticed a mom and her pup hesitantly coming from behind her parked car. I watched on in curiosity waiting to see the culmination of this morning’s saga. Neighbor 2 came out her house and started walking towards the dog and her pup. Neighbor 1 then instructed her to grab the pup quickly. Neighbor 2 was visibly afraid to do so and subsequently expressed her concern about what was about to happen. Neighbor 1 reassured her that she was distracting the mom and proceeded to stand between the dog and her pup. She sneaked up to the pup who was innocently wagging its tail, picked it up then sprinted back into the house shutting the door behind her. The dog instantly realized her pup was missing and ran to the door sniffing. She then started running frantically all around the yard sniffing the air, the grass, the cars, the concrete everything in sight she sniffed. As neighbor 1 went back to her car and pulled off, I saw the poor mom following her for about 10 meters then stopped and returned to tracing her pup’s last steps. It was a sad sight to see. My heart sunk with remorse as I slowly pealed myself from the window. Why? How could they do such an act?

Fast forward 10 hours to me returning home that evening. Guess who greeted me in the yard? Yes, the mama dog, still searching for her pup. Still running to and fro the front door and then around to the back of the apartment. I could now hear the pup crying from inside the house also. Well it was more than mere crying. It was a cry of despair and sorrow. As the mom kept pacing the yard with her tired legs, I can hear her whimpering. This continued all night and then again the following day. She was persistent to reclaim what was hers.

I can only imagine what’s going through her head. Why did this have to happen to me and my child? It is my fault! I should have never followed my master this morning. I should have suspected something was wrong. I should have reacted faster. I shouldn’t have taken my eyes off of my child. Now I will not let up. I will not relent. I will stand, I will walk, I will wait until the day I am reunited with my pup. Though I may be tired I must ensure my pup is ok. I must ensure that she gets the best. I have plans for her. All that I am belongs to her. I have planned a bright future for my child. I will not relent! I will not!

As it thought of this, the Holy Spirit quickened in me that this is how God acts towards us when we are taken or stray from his presence. We may have wandered off too far from his presence and have gotten snatched up by the evil one who holds us captive; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Sometimes we are not in the position or are too weak to break free from the bondage. But rest assured that there is a God who would relent. Who is always nearby waiting and watching and willing to do anything to get you back. I am not sure if that is the only pup but she is surely acting like that’s the case. Like with the story of the shepherd who lost one sheep, leaves the 99 and searches until he finds it; same is with our God.  When something happens to us, when we lose our way, we can be sure that the God we serve is still there waiting for us to find our way back to him or he comes and rescues us! He promised to never leave nor forsake us. His promises are true!

"God is the one who never leaves the ONE behind"



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  • 3 Tips For Choosing the Best Sportsbook

    If you love sports betting and have never learned an inside secret tip or two, then you need a guide to betting. A guide to betting can be your secret to sports betting riches. You might be wondering how is it that betting can make you rich. Well, it is simple. The sports book is making money by placing your bets on your team.

    Most states with legal sports betting let both online and in-room wagering. However some allow only in-room betting at local sports books. In next year, Tennessee become the first state to legally regulate online-only sports betting. Online betting in Tennessee is now considered legal. Online sports books will offer free picks in hopes of enticing bettors to bet on their games.

    There are two types of sports betting in which you can place a bet. One is called a straight bet, and the other is called a spread bet. A straight bet means you are betting on one team and all of the points in that game are being bet on that one team. A spread bet means you are betting on several teams at the same time. A sports betting tip guide will tell you which is better.

    In many sports betting tips guides, the number one tip for bettors is to bet when the odds of the favorite are low. When the odds of a team are high, bettors often fear they will get stuck with a team that is struggling. Therefore, if the odds of the favorite being win are low, bettors often place their bets on the underdogs because they think the chances of the underdogs winning are better.

    There are some sports betting tips that are based around using the Martingale System. The Martingale System was created by John Morrison, who also invented the Martingale Watch. The Martingale System uses numbers to predict, on a point basis, the likelihood that a team will win or lose.

    The Martingale System uses numbers that are known to be correct more than randomness. For instance, a team’s chances of winning do not decrease just because their starting five players are off the court for one game. This is why the Martingale has been adopted by hundreds of sportsbooks worldwide. However, the Martingale System can be used for any type of point spread. It works best for predicting the winner between evenly matched teams.

    Parlays are another popular betting method. Parlays are simply set up games where the winning player makes a wager on all the shots taken in the game. Most sportsbooks offer parlay bets as a part of their sports betting service. The concept of a parlay bet is simple. You must first pick out one team to start with and then wager the amount of money you have on each of their first five possessions.

    The key factor of this type of bet is that the sportsbook limits the number of bets they will allow each day. The oddsmakers are the ones who decide how many wagers can be placed on each game. If you are looking to place a large amount of money on a specific team, it is advised that you use an oddsmaker. Oddsmakers usually control a bankroll of several thousand dollars which allows them to limit the amount of bets that they will place on each game. If you want to take your sports betting to the next level, you must make sure that you do not place too many bets on too many teams.

    Sports betting lines provide the sportsbook with information for every game. You can read up about the team and players and bet according to the current sportsbook sports betting lines. If you have trouble reading sportsbooks on the internet, you can find a website that offers live betting lines through their phones. You can also find many websites that offer free live betting lines.

    The final aspect of sports betting site is their bankroll management policies. The best sports betting sites will employ strict bankroll management policies that will require a monthly minimum deposit amount. This policy will ensure that there is at least money in your account when you start placing wagers. Many sites will require a sign up fee for you to start using their services, but most will allow you to bet using any funds in your account that you choose.

    All of these aspects are important to consider when choosing the best sports betting site for your needs. Do a comparison between the sports betting site’s sports betting odds to find one with the best odds. Pay close attention to the bankroll management policy and the type of customer service. Use your resources (the sports betting odds and information) to choose which sports betting site is best for you. Most importantly, have fun.


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