Your Destination Is Near



There once was an eagle who lost her way and flew into a deserted land. She began to fly lower because it was unfamiliar territory. After some time, the winds and the obstacles it carried with it forcefully bashed against her tired wings and even clouded her vision. If battling the wind was not enough, she had to fight off the thoughts to return in the direction from whence she came.
Somehow she got the courage to keep pressing on until eventually it was too much for her to handle and she gave in to the temptation because of the uncertain distance ahead. She was not privy to the fact that the perfect habitation was only a few more miles away. She sadly perished on her way back from where she begun.

Two lessons could be leant from this story:

  1. Know and trust what was placed in your DNA. Eagles are made to fly high heights; beyond that of many other birds. Don’t let your circumstances bring you down to unfamiliar territory and conditions. Stay above.
  2. Your perspective will change when you have a different view. If the eagle had gone up a bit higher, she would have been able to see all that was before her, behind her and around her. The perspective of the current situation would have been different. She would have made it.

God is saying to us that He has placed His DNA in each of us. We are equipped to weather any storm or circumstance that comes our way. All we need to do is come up a bit higher in Him and allow Him to change our perspective as He leads us into the Perfect Habitation before Us. Come up Higher!




Tristan Gaime 
Trist is a new blogger, who enjoys studying the word and coming up with dope designs in his free time.  










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