MCK is Back With A New Release " Somewhere"

Canada based Bahamian lyricist, MCK just dropped a bomb on the CHH community by releasing a 4.5 track mini project. He deems it,  "a lead up to something a bigger project." After a year and few months of not hearing literally anything from the rapper, in true MCK fashion, a minimalist image was released hinting the project. Then boom! A few days later we now have a EP. This is his sixth project,  but in his view he is not considering it as a project. 

I caught with him just moments before the drop just to chop it up with him briefly about the new work. Here is a small portion of that conversation. 


What inspired the project?

"I recently moved out of the country, gained lots of perspective and just wrote a lot of music. I drew the literal parallel of moving/migrating, and the figurative one of progressing. Somewhere is about moving towards a specific goal, mindset, location. I also wrote it after writing a fuller project Called “Elsewhere”. So “Somewhere” sets the context for “Elsewhere”, which I hope to release later this year.


What message would you give to all people feeling discouraged?

"Know the difference between temporal and eternal. A lot of the things we go through are for moments, some longer than others, but eventually they pass. Hold on to the absolute truth that hard times aren’t forever, I guarantee you it will come to an end." 

Now I must admit I was a bit concerned when I saw parental advisory.  MCK informed me, being the expressive artist he has always been, that he used the "N" word a few times during the course of this EP. 


Without further ado here is the EP. Take a listen, and let us know your thoughts about it. 


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Shaquille " Young Rev" Hanna

An entrepreneur, youth leader, speaker, blogger, and music artist. Young Rev is a media enthusiast resourcing every medium to Change the Culture for the kingdom. Check out his SoundcloudIG and Facebook page to stay in touch.  



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